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~~*i am a jelly doughnut*~~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
~~*i am a jelly doughnut*~~

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[03 Sep 2003|01:58am]
oh my, this is going to get confusing, on so many different levels and on so many different, how shall i say it...........levels
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[01 Sep 2003|11:35pm]

guess who's back?

come on, guess

this won't be anyfun if you won't guess

do it

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[22 Nov 2002|12:18am]
well, that's it, i'm gone

seriously, i'm gone

i have nothing left


i think this lifetime is over
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[31 Oct 2002|03:01pm]
and what does batman tell us?


batman tells us that a distrubed, rich, white boy can do anything
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[31 Oct 2002|02:57pm]
hey. all, sorry i haven't been posting for a while.
i've just been really busy
i have a lot of stuff i'm working on:
-jaymie's letter
-my books
-life jerky

you know all of the usual stuff that a teenage faces,
wait, scratch that
nothing new on the fish end, just, you know
busy, that's why i'm just know getting to checking my messages
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[14 Oct 2002|01:06am]
Nicknames: walshy, tweek
Birthdate: march 2
Zodiac sign: you know, the fish one
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137
Eye color: blue and green, right now
Hair color: brown
Righty or lefty: left hand
Pets: a dog

Number: 13
TV station: cartoon network
Person to talk to online?: jaymie
Person to talk to on the phone?: scott
Food: mexican
Drink: cherry soda
Alcoholic drink: mike's hard lemonade
Flower: roses
Word/Phrase: i'm immature, not stupid
Smell/Scent: a fresh pizza
Actor: bam margera, he's in a movie, so he counts
Actress: preston lacy
Hangout: teen center
Summer vacation: pttthh, right
Pick-up line: i wish i could get that far, but if you'r serious, "hi, i'm mr. right, someone told me you were looking for me"
Love life: non-existant
First crush: courtney, fifth grade
First kiss: steph
Single or attached?: single, and miserable
Ever been in love?: i don't know
Do you believe in love at first sight?: sometimes
Do you believe in "the one?": i hope so
Describe your ideal significant other: er.. josh? *whistles*

//Juicy stuff//
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: you mean sex?
If so, when, and was it mixed company?: no
Have you ever been intoxicated?: no
Favorite place to be kissed?: hehehe, yeah
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": nope
Are you a tease?: i don't think i am

//Are you a...//
Wuss: nope
Druggy: no
Daydreamer: yes
Freak: of course
Dork: yepperoni
Bitch/Asshole: yeah
Brat: jigga what now
Sarcastic: hehehe, you have to ask
Goody-goody: not that i know of
Angel: hahaha, sure
Devil: ummmm, sure
Horny: of course
Shy: anytime i talk to a girl.
talkative: sometimes
Adventurous: yep
Joker: yeah
Flirty: right

//Future side//
Occupation: cartoonist

//Word association//
Rubber gloves: this might pinch
Rock: syphil and olly
Green: screen
Wet: dreams
Cry: me a river
Peanut: death
Hay: there
Hot: *cough*krystle*cough*
Cold: toliet seat
Steamy: windows
Fast: life
Freaky: me
Stick shift: master
Rain: YAY
Bite: me
Suck: me
Blow: me
Hard: me

//Random questions that are just good to ask//
Last person you talked to on the phone: scott
Last song you listened to: right now - sr-71
Last thing you ate: nestle crunch bar
What's the weather like?: raining
What's right next to you?: a wall
How do you eat an Oreo?: with my mouth
Contacts or glasses?: glasses
Do you like to dance?: yeah, but badly
Shy to make the first move?: always
Ready for the last question?: i have no idea

What are you wearing right now?: long sleeve shirt, drawstring pants
current mood: awake
current music: a movie
current taste: a couple hour old gumball
Current hair: fluffy
current dress: jigga what
current annoyance: myself
Current smell: newspaper?
current game: life
current thing: you don't want to know
current windows open: livejournal, this
current desktop picture: super smash bros
current favorite group: good charlotte
current book: none
current cds in stereo: see above
Current color of toenails: none
current crush: *bleep*
current favorite celeb: myself
current hate: myself

//..today have I..//
Smiled?: yes
Laughed?: yes
Cried?: no
Bought something?: yes
Danced?: yes
Were sarcastic?: yes
Talked to an ex?: no
Watched your favorite movie?: no

//..do I..//
Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: no.
Have sex?: yes
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Live in the moment?: huh
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: i don't know
Play an instrument?: yes, my tummy
Believe there is life on other planets?: if we're the only intelligent life in the universe, god is a moron
Remember your first love?:.kinda
Still love him/her?: not telling
Read the newspaper?: comics
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes
Believe in miracles?: i'm losing faith
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: i hope so
Believe in astrology?: i repeat my jigga what
Believe in magic?: yes
Believe in god?: yes
Go to church?: yes
Have any pets: dog
Do well in school?: uh-huh
Go to or plan to go to college?: i'm in college
Wear hats?: sometimes
Have any piercings?: no
Have any tattoos?: no
Hate yourself?: sometimes
Have an obsession?: yes
Have a secret crush?: not exactly secret
Do they know yet?: i don't know
Have a best friend?: scott
Wish on stars?: i stopped when nothing happened
Like your handwriting?: so-so
Have any bad habits?: yeah
Care about looks?: nope
Believe in witches?: nah
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interesting, i use to be the spork flinging wildebeast [10 Oct 2002|01:27am]

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[10 Oct 2002|01:17am]
things to do:
-fix computer desk so that the cord doesn't pull the keyboard off the tray, well almost pull it off
-play ball with dog
-choose who will be dm'ing next game, me or dan
-dance a jig
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[10 Oct 2002|01:01am]
[ mood | confused ]

jeez, since when did everyone start hating everyone,

what the hell

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look, i made a quiz [10 Oct 2002|12:46am]
[ mood | awake ]

name: mike walsh
nickname: tweek, scooter, walsh, majin_towelie
age: 19
residence: gloucester, MA
date of birth: march 2
appearance: 5'7" kinda skinny, short brown hair, eyes that change color
favorite book: so far. . .star wars: rouge squadron
favorite movie: spider-man
favorite anime: dragonball z
favorite comic: calvin and hobbes
favorite channel: cartoon network
favorite band(s): good charlotte, bloodhound gang. newfound glory, sr-71, linkin park
current favorite song: lifestyles of the rich and famous - good charlotte
favorite clothing: skants, and a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt
favorite thing about the opposite sex: eyes or the hair

5 positive things about you:
1. i'm very charismatic
2. people say i'm attractive, i think they're lying to me
3. i'm funny in a sarcastic way
4. i like to think i'm nice
5. yeah, that's it

5 negative things about you
1. i overreact
2. i tend to pull away from people
3. i get depressed easily
4. i get lonely
5. sometimes i don't want to live

5 things you can do well
1. i can draw
2. i can write
3. play counter-strike
4. be a friend
5. again, that's it

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[09 Oct 2002|12:22am]
vision blurring, clouding, hard to think

must. . . . .sleep, . . . . . . .yes. . . . . .sleep. . . . good?

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[08 Oct 2002|10:16am]
"no man controls my destiny. especially one that attacks downwind and smells of garlic"

morgan freeman - robin hood, prince of thieves
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[08 Oct 2002|12:38am]
wow, i had to go through 860 posts to find my last post
and that was just a little more than a week ago
i hate to say this, but i'm gonna be slimming my list,
if you wanna stay on, leave me a post,

some of you will stay on, unsaid, but if you want to stay on just leave me a message
that is all
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[08 Oct 2002|12:01am]
dragonball z is on. . . . . .

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[07 Oct 2002|11:32pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

i just want to say, thank god for scott and sarah
for without them, i'd surely be dead

let me elaborate
over the past week or two, i had fallen into a deep state of depression
and i mean a deep state,
i use to lay in bed and think,
what am I?
what is my purpose?
i can to a realization
i had nothing to live for,
i had no reason to be alive
so i became somewhat. . . . . i don't know how to say it
i kept thinking of how easy it would be,
to end everything
one turn of the wheel and everything would end
that's it
no more me
i began putting things in perspective
but then, on friday night, i had the chance to spend a short time with scott and sarah
sure, it was only a few minutes,
but in those few minutes, i was happier than i've been in weeks
i realized, i hadn't been spending the time with scott that i use to,
and then, with sarah, it just felt good, like everything was right again,
i can't explain it,
but that night, both scott and sarah saved my life, by prolonging my death
i realized scott is probably the best friend a guy can have,
i think of him as a brother,
yet i don't think either he or sarah knows how much they mean to me,
how i think the world of them,
and how i'd be so completely lost without them

so many thanks go out to scott and sarah for last friday, they saved my life

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[27 Sep 2002|04:07pm]
someone once told methat love is in the imagination
i'm starting to believe that love is just a figment of the imagination
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[26 Sep 2002|11:20pm]
ahhhhh, the endless bounty that is my butt,
but enough of that

I have returned from yet another one of my non-scheduled sabbaticals,

i've thought of many things and done even less than I usually do,

right now, i am in the midst of yet another writters block,
i can't write crap right now,

first off, let me say hi to everyone of you,
i've missed you greatly. . . .

i'm still depressed, and it'll take a miracle to get me outta this rutt, but when i'm with people i seem to place a happy face on things and suck it up. . .i don't want to bring others down with me,

i've been pouring myself over the letter to jaymie, i don't really know what to write. i've tried so hard, and failed more times that i can count, somewhere around the range of 13, i'm sorry i'm taking so long, i don't know what to say, you already know a lot of things about me, i think i'm just nervous, i don't know what of, but i'm nervous

school is mostly sucking, what am i talking about mostly, i mean really really sucking

i often read of people writting about their dreams, i wish i knew what my dreams are about, i wish i could remember my dreams, i don't even know if i have dreams anymore

just more and more complaining from me, jeez

i'm going to bed,

good night, to all those i love, which is pretty much all of you
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ok, so i'm lonely, desperate, and unloved, what next, dead? [17 Sep 2002|12:04am]
[ mood | lonely ]

i saw scott for the first time in a week tonight,
didn't realize how much i missed him or dan

i don't realize how much time i spend alone
all alone,

i really lead a sad and pathetic life.

jeez, will you listen to me, all "oh poor me poor me"

believe, if you ever met me in real life, i'm not like this,
i'm actually one of the most happy go lucky people you will ever meet,
well, more like happy-go-unlucky
who was most accident prone in his class?
that's right i was,

i need to stop spending time by myself and hang out with someone

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[16 Sep 2002|01:00am]
so with my gohan one, that's three
kiss my ass

[16 Sep 2002|12:58am]
and an aqua teen hunger force icon to boot
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